Online practical mini-course:
5 Secrets of Restoring Emotional Balance:
releasing stress, anxiety and fear
Lesson 4
Restoration of the psyche, health and internal reserves
of strength
Strengthening the energy of 6 subtle bodies
Today you will learn the secrets of how to restore internal strength, fill up with energy and restore health with the help of energy.

And you will master the practice of restoring subtle bodies (your biofield) and strengthening their energy.

Let's take a look at what is a disease? This is a failure of the energy balance of a person. For example, if a person is experiencing financial difficulties in life, then his third chakra is blocked, which is responsible for the material condition and the functioning of the digestive tract. Blocking, the chakra does not provide energy supply to the organs for which it is responsible, and they, losing their energy balance, begin to get sick.

Modern scientists have proven that if a person is worried, angry, then his immune system immediately weakens, and naturally, diseases immediately arise. Chakras are energy batteries, so to speak. They receive energy from the space of the Universe and the bowels of the earth, and then transfer it to our organs, because from the food we eat, only 10 - 30% of the energy for the body is obtained, and we get the rest 70% from space. Energy for the body is the initial nutrition!

I cover this topic in detail in courses where I explain to people the direct connection of their physical body with the Spiritual world (the Higher Mind or the Source of life energy). The spiritual world is primordial, and its manifestation is our physical life. If there were no God, there would be no us!

If you suffer from certain diseases, then, as a rule, you yourself are to blame. Yes! This is exactly how it is! Of course, there are many reasons, but the ultimate source is you.

And having realized this, it is necessary to get rid of what destroys you, to reconsider the values of life, to wish all people everything that you want for yourself. And then you will certainly be healthy!

I teach my students the practice of self-healing with the help of energy, and having gained strong potential and experience, they can then heal other people.

But in order to work in these practices, you need to carefully prepare - both energetically and physically (that is, cleanse your body of poisons, toxins, and diseases, give up bad habits). To heal others, you must be a completely healthy and pure person.
And now I will give you a practice in which I will fill you with my healing energy.

As you remember, each person has 6 subtle bodies and the seventh is a physical body. It is the smallest and most dense and is the last in our system of bodies.

In order for your physical body to be healthy, and you are always full of strength and energy, you must first cleanse and fill with pure energy the remaining 6 subtle bodies: 4 spiritual bodies, mental, and astral (etheric). They will then fill and regenerate your physical body as well.
First, listen to the explanation of meditation:
Now let's move on to the practice:
Now write down your state and feelings in a self-examination diary.
See you tomorrow at the next lesson.
Tomorrow you will be healing the physical body, filling it with strength, vigor, and health.

- Natalia Rodina
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