Online course:
"Energy of a New Life"

5-day LIVE online course

Author and teacher of the course:
Natalia Rodina - psychologist, parapsychologist, scientist, bioenergy therapist, healer, academician, head of the International Personality Development Center at the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine (since 2010)
The program of unlocking superpowers and inner strength

- The basic course provides the foundation for managing your life, energy, and health.

- It gives you the unique and most necessary knowledge now - how to manage yourself and the events of your life.


waking up in the morning, you feel great and full of energy, you are confident in yourself and you know that everything that you have planned will work out.

And if something goes wrong, you know you can fix any problem.

You communicate with your beloved family, then you do what you love, and do not worry about money, because you have everything in abundance.

You are completely confident in yourself and your future.


Because you have the knowledge and ability to manage your life. And even though there is a lot of chaos in the world and many obstacles and difficulties are created, you know how to cope with them.

You don't have to fight life — disease, and suffering. Your life is going smoothly, and if something happens, you skillfully solve it.
Does it seem unrealistic?

Of course, you face both difficulties and obstacles. But you know for sure that you have the techniques and the knowledge of how to solve them and protect yourself from danger. You are confident in yourself and your strengths, which means that you can handle any changes. You are so strong that you can help yourself and your loved ones.

When you have the ability to control your reality, your health, your inner state, and defense mechanisms, you are always strong, it is impossible to influence you.
I have collected this knowledge and methods in the course "Energy of a new life" and invite you to study.

This is a capacious, fundamental course. Its goal is to give you knowledge and practices that will give you the ability to manage yourself and your life, to be protected even in the face of unpredictability and uncertainty.
Day 1. Restoration of psycho-emotional state. The work with your energy fields.
The human energy system: subtle bodies, soul, consciousness, and mind. Energy connections between people. The wave structure of reality.

Day 2. Health: the principles of maintaining and restoring health. The laws of financial prosperity and how to solve financial problems. Basics of managing your reality (the formation of life events).

Day 3. Explanation of the process of death and after-death experience; subconscious programs of your past lives – how to annul and transform them. DNA programs.

Day 4. Hierarchy of divine spiritual beings who help people in development and spiritual growth. How to interact with them and get their help and guidance, receive high divine energy.
The structure of the planet, and the levels of reality. Other beings living on Earth and their influence on people. The history of the planet: the causes of contemporary human suffering.

Day 5. How to manage energies, thoughts, and emotions. The evolutionary tasks of mankind. Parallel worlds. Strengthen your energy power and elimination of negative energy influences.

Every day during the course I provide theoretical knowledge and practice (sacred energy methods).

Natalia Rodina
The basic course is the concentration on higher knowledge and special practices.

The course program includes:

- control and restoration of health;
- the restoration of psycho-emotional state;
- work with human energy fields;
- solution to material problems and life difficulties;
- elimination of negative energy influences;
- the general idea of the structure of the Universe, the place of man in space, and the evolutionary tasks of mankind;
- human races and DNA features;
- hierarchy of spiritual personalities (supreme beings) who help people in development and spiritual growth;
- disclosure of information about the supreme personality who was embodied in the man Jesus Christ, as well as about the true essence of the goals of his embodiment on Earth and the main meanings of his teachings;
- explanation of the process of death and after-death experience;
- parallel worlds;
- basics of managing your reality (the formation of life events).

Every day the course provides theoretical knowledge and practice (sacred energy methods).

And I also work with all the participants individually, restoring the psycho-emotional state and physical health, harmonizing the consciousness and energy state of all subtle bodies.
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Course format and participation conditions:
The course is conducted online in Zoom.

Like all Natalia Rodina's programs, the course is designed for the maximum effective result individually for each student.
Natalia conducts an individual energy attunement for each student (to work with sacred energy practices).

In the course of the lessons, Natalia Rodina helps each individual to fully understand all aspects of the programs and quickly put things in order in the most problematic life issues, as well as personally restore energy and health and fill each student with her energy!

Therefore, you can participate in the course only by attending classes online (we do not send records of courses).

There is a selection for the course:
Not everyone can attend training.
After applying, you must pass the selection (remotely). Natalia Rodina assesses the internal readiness of each person for this knowledge and practice.

Course duration:
5 days (Monday to Friday), each lesson lasts 3 hours.
Now training takes place only ONLINE - in Zoom.

The cost of the course is $270 / 275 €

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