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5 Secrets of Restoring Emotional Balance:
releasing stress, anxiety and fear
Lesson 3
Release from fears and other destructive conditions
Today you will learn the secrets to weaken and annul fears, as well as master the practice that will free you from fears and anxieties.

Fear is the most powerful destructive program. Fear creates at first a very destructive internal state (your emotions and thoughts), and then creates it at the level of your external physical reality is completely different forms: diseases of your body, problems in your family, finances, failure in your affairs, etc. And these problems further exacerbate the inner state of fear and destruction.

This circle of suffering must be broken.

How to do it?

1. You need to start by realizing that any kind of fear is at the root of any of your problems or inner destructive feelings.

For example, under the feelings of aggression, envy, resentment or indignation, despondency, and even more so - any illness, pain, or emotional pain, there is always a deep fear. For example, fear to lose or not get something, or to experience pain, or humiliation, or lack of something, or fear of failure, or loneliness, etc. There are many types of fear.

2. You need to learn to notice these states in yourself, track them, and immediately honestly and frankly admit this to yourself.

Just admit that you are feeling it now. But without blaming or reproaching yourself for it. Just admit and accept it as a TEMPORARY fact. Knowing that now you will change it and free yourself from it.

3. You can immediately begin to notice the thoughts of the Ego, which will deceive you, confuse, cunning, and come up with excuses - in order to somehow justify the presence of this fear. What for? It begins to resist you in order to prevent you from freeing yourself from fear.

For example, your mind (Ego) may tell you: Of course, you are afraid of losing your job, because you are not that talented, and you have no opportunities or patronage to find a new good job, and now it is so difficult situation, etc.

Or: "It's clear that you can be afraid, because everyone is afraid, and you don't have so much money, like others, (or energy, health, time, opportunities, etc.), to solve these problems. Others can, but you are not, you are unlucky, unsuccessful, unhappy, lonely … (or a bunch of other reasons) ... "

Do you recognize the words of your inner voice?

Understand that this is not your true voice. This Ego is trying to undermine your strength and faith in yourself. It weakens and destroys you, and has never led you to a good result.

But if you want to change the results of your life, stop believing this voice! Learn not to listen to it and refuse to believe it!

Understanding all this, you need to learn to SEPARATE YOURSELF WITH THE EGO.
So, tell yourself: I am not fear. I am not the Ego. The true "I" has nothing to do with this.
I am the creator of my own destiny. I was created in the image and likeness of the Creator, which means that I create my reality at my own will. And God is not afraid of anything, so I also have no fear.

And while saying this, activate inner conviction, believe in what you say. Then this state will activate and strengthen your inner strength, hardiness, stability. And this state of high awareness, will, and confidence will begin to attract pure energy to you from the Higher Mind, the divine source of life. And you will really immediately feel strength, confidence, and relief in yourself - fear and anxiety will immediately leave you.

In addition to this, of course, you need to do practices that will help you free yourself from fears.

We will start, with a simple but very effective practice, which should be done as often as possible, preferably every day. After a short time, you will see the fears begin to subside.

By listening to the recordings and doing this practice, you will also receive an impulse from my high frequency energy, which will help you to amplify the effect.

And for more prepared people, I give stronger practices as they continue to learn. When you increase your energy potential, raise your vibrations, you will be ready for them as well. Then you can instantly, in one meditation, cancel any fear or other destructive program! But you need to prepare for everything correctly and gradually.

So, let's get down to practice!
Now write down your state and feelings in a self-examination diary.
See you tomorrow at the next lesson.
Tomorrow I will tell you the secrets of how to restore internal strength, fill up with energy and restore health with the help of energy. And you will master the practice of restoring subtle bodies (your biofield), and strengthening their energy.

- Natalia Rodina
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