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5 Secrets of Restoring Emotional Balance:
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Lesson 2
Learning to control thoughts
Today you will master a practice that will help you learn to control your thoughts and weaken the influence of destructive subconscious programs.

And you will learn how to influence your well-being and emotions, as well as manage the events of your life.

Today we have a very important lesson. Each person needs to be able to manage their thoughts. This is the most important task! It has long been proven by scientists that thoughts are energies or vibrations. Even devices have been created that measure the vibrations of thoughts, brain radiation, when thinking different thoughts, etc.

So, an ordinary human being really spends a huge amount of energy on the thought process. And if you do not know how to control your thoughts, and your brain is all the time busy with uncontrolled thinking, then this has several harmful and destructive consequences:

1) Firstly, you burn your life energy in tons, that is, you just waste it. Although not entirely in vain - any thought has consequences and affects you and your life, but I will explain more about this below.

2) Basically, with such uncontrolled thinking, a person thinks negative thoughts (worries about something, is dissatisfied with life or someone around him, remembers bad events, etc.), which means that he is his creative life energy given to us By the Creator, he transforms into a destructive one, and thereby "poisons" his own energy-informational field, and radiates this destruction around, destructively affecting other people and the world around him;

3) An incredibly important point - with thoughts, a person to a greater extent forms his reality, that is, the events of his life. And if you do not control your thoughts, if most of the time they are chaotic and uncontrollable, confused, contradictory, and destructive - your life will be exactly the same.

4) With your thoughts, you always connect to one or another information field, space. If a person consciously knows how to control his thoughts, he consciously directs his consciousness to the creative space, a clean energy-informational field, in other words, unites his consciousness with the Higher Mind, the source of life. And from there it draws energy, information, and inner strength. And this also means that a person can completely control his reality, he is self-sufficient and strong, he becomes a master of his life, a creator.

If a person does not control his thoughts, he can be called an unconscious person, since he is not aware of his internal processes, and what kind of reality he creates with them. And such a person connects to the collective unconscious, and this system controls him through various subconscious programs. A person does not control himself, he is controlled by subconscious programs that are activated in him by the system.

And the main danger in this process is that the system activates precisely destructive programs - fear, anxiety, resentment, dissatisfaction with oneself or others, anxiety, aggression, guilt, or another self-destruction, etc.

A person who lives in such states is completely dependent on the person's system, even if he does not understand it. He generates destructive thoughts and creates the same reality in his life - illness, problems, and suffering. He does not control his life, and often even considers himself a victim of circumstances, and goes with the flow or tries to fight the surrounding reality, but to no avail.

You can control your life ONLY by learning to control yourself - your thoughts, internal energies, and thus disconnecting from the control of the collective unconscious, completely take life into your own hands, become the creator of your reality.

This is what I am leading you to. This is what I teach my students, tens of thousands of students around the world.

And let's get down to practice.
This simple practice is the first step to managing your thoughts. Master it and train every day! And you will see how your ability to control thoughts increases, as well as your concentration, attention, clarity of thought, and even will. And over time, you will feel that the control of the subconscious programs will begin to weaken.

For many, this practice may be not easy. For others, it will be easy. Everything depends on your inner preparation. I will guide you during the practice, I will tell you the tasks - and you do it.
Now write down your state and feelings in a self-examination diary.
See you tomorrow at the next lesson.
Tomorrow you will learn the secrets to weaken and annul fears, as well as master the practice that will free you from fears and anxieties.

- Natalia Rodina
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