Online practical mini-course:
5 Secrets of Restoring Emotional Balance
releasing stress, anxiety and fear
Lesson 1
Recovery of your subtle bodies and emotional state
Today you will learn to meditate and master the first practice of meditation, which will restore your emotional state, the balance of internal energies, and mental states.

Your nature is such that you have not only your physical body, but you also have vibrational energy states in which your emotions are stored and create your emotional-astral body, your thoughts, and your spiritual energies and vibrations that connect you to the higher dimension, higher space.

These are your subtle bodies. They consist of your thoughts, emotions, these are your beliefs, this is your attitude, this is what you feel inside yourself. These are your subtle bodies. And they are more primary than your physical body. In principle, this is what you really are.

We can also say this: you are the energy that is stored in your subtle bodies, in the body of your thoughts, your emotions, and in your spiritual bodies.

Your physical body does exactly what your subtle bodies do. For example, your thoughts and emotions (either destructive or constructive) immediately create for you internal not only subtle mental processes but also physiological changes inside you, certain inner states.

So, your inner energy, your subtle bodies are your basis and create causes, and your physical body simply shows results and effects.

So, how can we learn to help and restore the subtle structures that we really are?

Meditation is the help in this. Meditation is an accurate work with your inner state, with your energy, but not only.

Meditation is so multifaceted and has a huge number of possibilities that thanks to meditation (sacred mechanisms) you can completely control your inner states, your health, and the whole life process.

When you work in meditation, the following states are needed.

1. The first is complete relaxation. In order for meditation to work correctly with you and give a good result inside you, you need to relax your physical body as much as possible (the muscles of your entire body, absolutely everything).

2. The second step is to let go of all thoughts. What does it mean to let go? Detach from all thoughts, detach from all problems and difficulties which you may have at this moment. This must be done by an effort of will, if only because it is necessary.

3. Always remember that while working in meditation, you are not working with a physical body, but with your subtle bodies. It means just don't waste energy and attention on your physical condition.

I have noticed from many years of practical work with people, that it is very difficult for newcomers to relax at first, to let go of thoughts, and to concentrate on something. And they really need my help. And of course, I help them with my energy and abilities, and they get immediate results in meditations. But I really want them and you to learn to control their inner state and manage their reality, that is, to be independent. And I am striving for this and we are moving towards this.

4. The next step is to set the goal of your meditation – what do you want from this meditation, what are your goals. For example, you want to improve or calm your inner state. And we will do this with you just today. Why exactly this? Because this is the basis of life, my friends. How you feel inside, what you believe in, what you are convinced of, how you feel this world inside yourself, so you will live. Not better and not worse. Exactly how you feel inside.

Everything that happens on the emotional, mental level (in your thoughts and emotions) is automatically reflected in your physical body. So, when you change yourself inside, then the changes of your life on the material level will happen by themselves.

In addition to the internal state, you can set a goal to manage your health, and there are practices, very strong practices for working with your genetics – with DNA, RNA. There are practices that activate the centers of the brain, discover superpowers: clairvoyance, foresight, intuition. There are practices that create and change events of your life, other help to heal other people.

I teach all these practices to my students step by step, as they become ready and strengthen their energetic potential. You can also learn them (in the main training program).

5. Then you will need to visualize correctly. And I will tell you how to do it. Visualization is an integral process of meditative work. This is creating a mental image, the creation of a mental image. Even if your visualization is poorly developed, it is also not bad, absolutely. You just need to know that what you imagine is working as you imagine, it means, to have this conviction. The very conviction creates the process of your inner state. And over time, when you work out the techniques, practices for developing the centers of your brain and activating your brain functions, you will get visualization.

6. Then you need to create a certain inner state – remember the happiest moments of your life. And being internally inside yourself, feeling your energy, you will internally feel and experience this happiest moment. Or you can imagine a new state of happiness. When you are a perfectly healthy person when you have settled all your difficulties and problems when you are in a state of strength, awareness, aspiration, pleasure, calmness, joy, and fullness. You are so overwhelmed with all of this that you are ready and do it, and give it all to the whole world.

And you are aware of the more you give an impulse to give, the more it comes back to you. And you are in integrity with the world and of course with yourself. These are the state we need, my friends, which completely restores you.

To get the most out of this course, I recommend doing the following:

1. Prepare a notebook for notes. Before you begin your first meditation, describe your current emotional state and what you would like to change or improve. What results do you want to get? What are your expectations for the course?

2. After doing the meditation, write down how your state has changed. This is how you record your results! Write down your changes, impressions, and insights after each lesson and after each practice. Thus, you will better understand your inner state and see your progress, begin to understand yourself better.

3. I also recommend that after each lesson, write down the techniques and recommendations that you will implement in your life, how you can use new information - in the global plans of your life, and especially - your simple steps in the near future.
The best way to change your life is to make small changes every day, without stress or major efforts.

And now let's move on to practice!
Let's start our first meditation, which will restore your emotional state,
and in which I will fill you with my energy
(believe me, it works even if you watch the lessons in the recording).

If you feel anxiety or other unpleasant emotions, after this practice you will feel much better and calmer.
And in the following lessons, you will receive new practices that will help improve your condition and health even more.
Now write down your state and feelings in a self-examination diary.
See you tomorrow at the next lesson.
I will tell you the secrets of how to learn to control thoughts. And you will master a practice that will help you learn to control your thoughts and weaken the influence of destructive subconscious programs. You will learn how to influence your well-being and emotions, as well as manage the events of your life.

- Natalia Rodina
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