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Self-esteem: how to fix low or heightened self-esteem
Self-esteem affects all your inner well-being: emotions, thoughts, perception of yourself, attitude to life. As well as relationships with other people.

If you are having difficulty in any of these areas, it is very important to correct your self-esteem issues.

This lesson will help you.

If a person has low self-esteem, he is very stiff, insecure, modest, afraid of everything, does not believe in himself, so most likely he has problems in professional development, with finances, and in relationships.

If you have low self-esteem:

1. Start to notice the best in yourself, constantly focus on what you do well, what is good in you, your inner qualities, abilities, notice all your successes and virtues, even small ones. Praise yourself and reward yourself with "carrots", stimulate your courage and reinforce your confidence.

2. In no case do not reproach for mistakes. Immediately shift your focus to the positive aspects of any of your actions or behaviors. Find the positive in everything. Your main task is to grow wings for yourself! Nobody will do it for you! Although sincere friends and close people can help with this. But the main work is yours. The key to changing yourself is within yourself.

3. You can even slightly exaggerate your achievements, not particularly noticing mistakes – at the first stage it will be beneficial, it will increase your confidence and self-esteem. But just do not assert yourself at the expense of other people, do not try to boast in front of others – this will not work and in the eyes of people, it will look disrespectful and pathetic.

4. A person with low self-esteem needs to develop will, an internal impulse, a core that will allow him to accomplish achievements. Then your inner tightness, complexes will go away, and you will become more active, active, confident, your attitude towards yourself will change for the better!

Features of female and male self-esteem

When a man humiliates his woman, his wife, it is the woman who needs to raise her self-esteem and change her attitude towards herself. It is important for her to take care of herself, remember that she is a woman, and make herself a beautiful flower. Always try to be beautiful, well-groomed, graceful. Take care of yourself as a flower.

And treat yourself the same way – respect yourself and take care of yourself. Don't let a man treat you badly. That is, you need to believe that you deserve the best attitude towards yourself, and not allow another. To understand that only the woman forms the attitude of a man towards her, to build boundaries and rules – how a man can behave with her, and how he cannot.

In a relationship where your husband is disrespectful to you, it is also important to learn to forgive. Do not accumulate resentments, let them go, but work on your self-esteem and self-respect. Your man reacts to your own attitude towards yourself and shows it as in a mirror. Take everything as a lesson, but do not be offended, and work on yourself.

And learn to live in joy, rejoice and enjoy life like God!

In a woman who radiates joy and self-confidence, a man always feels inner strength. And it is impossible not to respect such a woman.

If a man has low self-esteem – his woman can help grow his wings – supporting, making compliments, noticing his achievements and successes, believing in him, and instilling into him faith in himself. And of course, do not criticize, do not humiliate, do not focus on mistakes. Give opportunities to correct mistakes, but without instilling a sense of guilt. And the man himself needs to develop will, activity, accumulate his achievements and successful actions – each new result will increase his self-confidence. It can be difficult only at the beginning, then self-confidence will grow exponentially!

If a person, on the contrary, has heightened self-esteem, this is the work of a strong Ego. It winds up a person, destroys him from the inside, nurtures pride, arrogance. Through comparison with others, elevation, etc.

Women with heightened self-esteem who prove that they are smarter, stronger, etc. men are afraid. It suppresses them, suppresses their self-esteem and self-confidence. And they quickly leave such a woman.

With such women, only gigolos remain. These are weak men who do not want to achieve something in life on their own. They want to easily receive all the benefits and initially agree to the role of a man with "repressed" self-esteem. They allow a woman to be strong, to be a leader, and to be responsible for them.

If you have heightened self-esteem, you don't need to be proud, you don't need to try to stand out and rise above people. Understand that all people are equal before God. Everyone came to this world to develop and improve, and no one here is perfect. Love everyone without evaluating or judging anyone, do not rise above anyone. Everyone has their own life path and their tasks. Show mercy and understanding to all. Don't let your ego control you. You are not the Ego, you are a child of God, you are part of it. So, you are kindness, love, understanding, and acceptance.

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