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"About future of humanity and the potential of each person to influence future events"
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5 Secrets of Restoring Emotional Balance:
releasing stress, anxiety and fear
This practical course is designed for those who want to learn how to restore by itself their emotional and mental state, as well as their physical well-being.
You will learn 5 practices (meditations) that are easy to perform, so you will learn to manage your emotions, get rid of distractive states and regain the joy of life.

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The following playlist of videos provides a great introduction to the highest knowledge about human energy potential and the development of humanity, provided by Natalia Rodina.
Watching this series gives you the knowledge you need to get rid of suffering and fix your life.
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Find answers to many important questions below!
Does every person have a destiny?
Is there any fate for each person?
The Purpose and Results of our Courses
Our courses are a New Birth of a Human! Courses are a conscious work and study, which are immediately giving an excellent result.
How to Overcome Current Challenges and Suffering?
What are deadly sins and how to fix their consequences?
Why are these vices so attractive to humans? And how is it possible to correct vicious qualities?
What is the Ego and how does it affect us?
What does the Quantum Transition bring each person?
How does each person participate in this process? What is happening during the Quantum Transition in the life of every ordinary person?
What does it mean, "the soul must work"?
Who is God? Does He exist? Will we be able to see God?
How do thoughts affect our health and relationships?
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