Online practical mini-course:
5 Secrets of Restoring Emotional Balance:
releasing stress, anxiety and fear
Lesson 5
Activation of your inner strength, the potential of the Creator, and the realization of dreams
You will learn the secrets of how to strengthen your energy potential and direct it to create the events of your life - the fulfillment of your desires and the realization of your dreams.

Using today's practice, you will be able to realize your desires!

When you activate in yourself the potential of the creative force of life - the potential of the Higher Mind, which gives life to you and to all living Universe - you open up in yourself the opportunity to direct this force to the formation of your reality.

Naturally, the higher your energy potential, the stronger the impulse of your creative power, the faster your plans and desires will come true, and they can become more ambitious and complex. That is, when your strength grows, you can realize more with a plan in your life.

As you already understood, the energy potential can and should be purposefully developed, strengthened with the help of special sacred techniques and practices. And I teach them in my training, courses, gradually preparing students and helping them with my energy. That is, I share my high-frequency energy and customize the techniques for each student.

Why do you need to do it in stages? Since it is impossible to instantly jump from a low energy level to a high one, the energy force grows gradually. For example, the physical body - a weak and sedentary person, just starting to engage in physical training, strengthens his body gradually. He cannot immediately lift the bar and run a marathon. But over time, if he trains regularly, he begins to gain more and more strength and endurance. The same thing happens with your energy and subtle bodies!

In addition, you already know that each person, as a rule, has a burden of his difficult conditions (diseases, problems, suffering, dissatisfaction, fears, anxieties, resentments, regrets, mistakes of the past, etc.) All this really lies with the burden in your subtle bodies, in the form of energy and information.

This constantly creates new problems and takes away your vitality, which does not remain for the realization of your plans and desires. After all, in order to create something good, significant in life, you need a lot of pure creative energy!

Therefore, you need to free yourself from this destructive potential, instead of filling yourself with the pure energy of strength, health, well-being - the energy of life.

And now we will carry out meditation that will help you realize your one desire, your dream for the near future.
And I will help you with the impulse of my high-frequency energy, I will fill your desire with power, and it will come true.

Choose, for example, an event that you want to come true, or you want to improve your health or the health of your children, or you want a new job. You choose your own desire.

!!! And it is imperative to fulfill several important conditions for this to materialize:

1. Think of your desire as already accomplished. Not that you want it to come true sometimes... Otherwise, you send an impulse that you do not have it. And you need to feel that this is already happening to you, you have already embodied this and received what you dreamed of, and you are now experiencing these emotions. It is important to feel emotions when this is already happening to you!

2. Think of your desired event or new state, unfolding it like a movie plot - from the beginning to the end result. That is, feel the whole process, and be sure to imagine and feel the achievement of the desired result, event, as already happened.

3. Do not in any way doubt whether it will work out or not. If you allow such thoughts, you are letting poison into your plan. Poison in the form of fear, anxiety and doubt. Even if such a thought has arisen, immediately reject it - that is, do not believe in it. Again, feel that you will succeed. Remind yourself that the power of the Creator is with you, and the Creator will grant you everything. And he has already given you everything, even before you asked. Everything is already prepared, you just need to tune in to it and become a magnet for this event. The magnet is your vibrations, that is, your inner state, emotions, and thoughts.

4. Try to relax as much as possible, do not strain mentally or with a physical body.

5. After meditation, write down what you created. New details or ideas may come to you in the process of meditation - write them down, this is how the Higher Forces can help you plan the best option for the future in the process of practice, this also often happens.

So, get ready and start meditating!
You have completed the course!
You did a great job!

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