Free Online Master Class
"Psychological balance: how to restore and maintain"
(This is a recording of the master class with the voice of an interpreter into English)
Master class program:
1. Natalia Rodina reveals knowledge about self-control of the internal state and psycho-emotional balance.

2. Answers to questions:
- how to get rid of negative emotions, fears, and panic attacks;
- what are the reasons for increased anxiety and depressive states;
- how to protect yourself from the destructive influence of other people,
and many other important questions.

3. Practical work: energy practice to restore the psycho-emotional balance and fill with pure energies (guided meditation).

4. Practical technique for protection against the negative influence of surrounding people and the living environment.

5. Natalia Rodina answers other questions from participants.
Get more knowledge and practical techniques you can on the Basic online course
"Energy of New Life":

About Natalia Rodina

▪️ psychologist, Ph.D. in Psychology, parapsychologist,
▪️ scientist, researcher of anomalous phenomena of consciousness;
▪️ academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine;
▪️ spiritual teacher, medium;
▪️ bioenergy therapist, a real member of the International Association of Non-Traditional Methods of Treatment;

▪️ founder and Head of the International Personality Development Center at the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine (in Kyiv, Ukraine), since 2010.

At the present time, Natalia Rodina conducts ONLINE TRAINING for learners from all over the world! (in English, Russian, Estonian, German, and Italian).

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Personality Development Center:

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courses on psychology, self-development, health improvement, development of consciousness and superpowers
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